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This page is dedicated to announcements surrounding this Community and the MonoGame Community at large.

There is also a dedicated Game Jams page.

[ADDMORE: Redo the announcements page to be a single list of any and all jams.]

Host Announcements

— The host MrValentine will place announcements here concerning Community Events or site related notifications. —

Member Announcements

— Members may post announcements here, please surround your notifications with a line break before and after your announcement, and the last line before the after line break must be your signature [press the button, remove your email and the line separator] and it should link your username to your page. Always use the signature after each announcement, keep the previous one intact.

Remember to utilise 5 '=' marks for headings to header your announcement so it makes the list.

Please keep all notifications in chronological order, from Oldest/First to Latest/Last. —


Game Jam 2023 December, More information on the Game Jams page.

MrValentine 2023/07/27 04:32

Game Jam 2024 January, More information on the Game Jams page.

MrValentine 2023/07/27 04:35

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