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Ferzkopp XNA Wiki Archive

Community member Ferzkopp popped onto the Discord back in December 2023, on the 11th. and posted the following message:

Hi everyone, I've been maintaining a folder on my webserver. This contains an HTML dump of the original site which was active 2008-2013 (see*/ and I pulled the dump before the wiki went offline since I was involved with hosting and maintaining the domain for a while. The copy of the site should still contain useful info and usable code snippets, although some of it is probably out-of-date, so should be of interest to MonoGame developers. Maybe one can find a way to “resurrect” some of this content in some form or other. Cheers, Andreas

I had requested the files at the time, but soon fell ill and unable to focus, but here we are, January 14 2024, and I am going to slowly port the files over in the coming weeks, yes, still unable to focus.

I will try to list the pages similar to the original wiki or group content together if size/similarity are small and similar.

Hope this is useful to you all.

Happy Coding.

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