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PRISM Settings

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Version: Minified version

Theme: Okaidia


I added what I believe the text to use inside the code block after the file size. Please use the Ask For Changes page if you can correct anything below.

Markup + HTML + XML + SVG + MathML + SSML + Atom + RSS - 2.78KB markup | html | xml | svg | mathml | ssml | atom | rss

CSS - 1.2KB css

C-like - 0.69KB c

JavaScript - 4.5KB javascript

AsciiDoc Golmote - 4.33KB asciidoc

ASP.NET (C#) nauzilus - 1.07KB dotnet

BASIC Golmote - 1.79KB basic

BBcode + Shortcode RunDevelopment - 0.44KB bbcode

C zeitgeist87 - 1.85KB c

C# mvalipour - 6.03KB csharp

C++ zeitgeist87 - 2.54KB cpp

F# simonreynolds - 72.07KB fsharp

Git lgiraudel - 0.23KB git

Ini aviaryan - 0.59KB ini

LaTeX + TeX + ConTeXt japborst - 1KB latex | tex

Lua Golmote - 0.58KB lua

Markdown Golmote - 5.02KB markdown

Solution file RunDevelopment - 0.67KB solution

SQL multipetros - 3.18KB sql

VB.Net Bigsby - 1.68KB vbnet

Visual Basic + VBA Golmote - 1.86KB visualbasic | vba

Wiki markup Golmote - 1.14KB wiki

XML doc (.net) RunDevelopment - 0.3KB xmldoc


Show Language nauzilus - 5.62KB

Highlight Keywords vkbansal - 0.12KB

Toolbar mAAdhaTTah - 2.88KB

Copy to Clipboard Button mAAdhaTTah - 1.52KB

From the PRISM page:

Total filesize: 64.3KB (96% JavaScript + 4% CSS)

Note: The filesizes displayed refer to non-gizipped files and include any CSS code required.

Should you wish to request changes to the PRISM config file, please make a request on the Ask For Changes page.

Note: Unable to add the funky features but I think syntax highlighting looking nice and clear, and the language being shown, and the copy to clipboard option is more than enough for the time being.

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