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The Pillar of Linkages

In this section you will find any and all available useful links concerning Game Development and of course MonoGame.

They will be divided into MonoGame Related and Game Development Related, and other related sections.

Notice the thin line separators, these are used to group related links.

I added Start and End markers for clarity, plans to add mid-point markers when links lists grow too large.

The U-MG-RL Archive

To keep this thread clean in the early days I — MrValentine 2023/09/18 06:35 have opted to place the current list of links from the MonoGame Forum into an archive page and slowly move them over to this page with some form of order to the types of content.

U-MG-RL Links Archive

MonoGame Related Start


The Change Log

MonoGame Community:


DirectX Redist (June 2010)

ManBeardGames Scene Manager

Charles Humphrey's MonoGame.Randomchaos.* Nuget Packages Update

¬ Packages:

¬ GitHub Repo:

Shawn Hargraeves Blog

Riemers Archive Overview

FlatRedball an Editor variant of MonoGame

BEPU Physics 1



KNI Engine

Game Creation with XNA Book

Emoty Keys UI

C# Syntax Wiki


SimonDarksideJ Blog posts

The MonoGame Changelog

RandomChaos NUGET Packages

MonoGame Samples Page

DirectX 9 Coordinates System

Noesis UI XAML for MonoGame cross platform


MonoGame XML Intellisense Documentation fixes for

A codebase for MonoGame Integration with Visual Studio 2019/2022

A Rigid Body Physics example

MonoGame, meet VSCode

MonoGame Intellisense Documentation

XML Documentation Missing fix

Also, use

/// <inheritdoc />

MonoGame on the Web!.html

KNI Engine

An online course [Found by Discord member: Wens (wen.s)]

How to use ffmpeg to alter video files from a monogame win dx project.

Aristurtle Save


[Solved] Drawing Bezier curves in MonoGame (XNA) produces scratchy lines

Drawing Lines in XNA

nkast/ProtonType.Aether WPF Interop

The Infiniminer Source Code [Port]

MonoGame Related End

MonoGame Foundation Related

MonoGame Related YouTube Links

Game Development Related Start

A project trying to implement GUM UI into the MonoGame world

GameDevMarket Asset Store

An awesome SkyBox site

A free to use font created by me, CC0 public domain usage, aiming to create more in future.

Free Game Dev Assets to help get your projects going.

Render Hell – Book II

Reference for HLSL

Multisampling primer

Music, graph paper, and more

Game Development Related End

Game Development Related YouTube Links

XNA Related Start

XNA Related End

Windows Development Related

Commissioned Artists/Musicians

These cost you money, review content available before going ahead with a paid contract, use at your own discretion, we include them here as a form of inclusion and are in no way connected to the listed connections.

Moonside Sound. [Recommended by Community Member: Aristurtle, has previously commissioned]

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