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The MonoGame Community Wiki Magazine

Issue 4 Now Available!

Click here to download issue 004 completely free.

[Approx. 21.7MB]

Update Notice

Yeah, I missed March, decided to push it back to May due to home renovations.

MrValentine 2024/04/20 03:50

While I wanted to keep the magazine at 32 pages and maintain around 28 pages of content, well 26 when you ignore the index pages, hmm I should change that, I have opted to reduce the number of pages to 20, allowing for 16 pages of content going forward for now, this change is to allow me to focus on the content more, and as the magazine is mainly digital only, I figured it would not be too much of a problem going forward. the 32 pages was a full time job role for a week.

I hope readers do not mind this change, but I am becoming more and more busy.

In background news, you may have noticed the website was down over the weekend just recent — MrValentine 2023/11/28 10:07 and was a result of an issue with my previous host, I have since migrated both the domain and the hosting package to a new host, the domain transfer is still pending, but fully functional at present, I will update this with the expiry date as I believe due to a transfer fee, has now been extended to 2025, the new hosting price is more feasible going forward.

More at 11.

Update: — MrValentine 2023/12/15 13:16

The domain has completed transfer and is paid up until 26-Jul-2025, hosting is currently paid monthly on an annual contract.

An additional bit of insight, I have opted to reduce the frequency of the Magazine, to a quarterly publication, so, the next release will be in March 2024, as always on the 18th. Also, I have opted to allow the page count to be dynamic but always maintain a power of two page count.

The reasoning for the reduction in frequency is so that I may put time into the wiki and enhance its content, things are changing and uncertain at present with the Windows development ecosystem, so, I have opted to drop down to Desktop development via DirectX, so, any and all content will be focussed on that route going forward.

Now, to push out the 4th release.

Issue 3 now available!

|Click here to download issue 003 completely free.

[Approx. 30.0MB]

NOTICE: The Solved Code section was replaced and will likely not be coming back for a while, my apologies.

UPDATES: Fixed minor errors. Fixed broken links. [Thanks OestroGirl]

Issue 2 now available!

|Click here to download issue 002 completely free.

[Approx. 33.7MB]

Issue 1 now available!

Click here to download issue 001 completely free.

[Approx. 32.2MB]

You can send this as a fixed document to your Kindle account using the Send to Kindle desktop app.

UPDATES: Fixed links, fixed minor errors.

The Mini Weekly Magazine

This is a weekly – the goal is Mondays – collection of links, articles, snippets, or general news that may not fit the full magazine but are still worth being made aware of, this allows members to focus on their projects, and be kept up with a single PDF file containing everything they need to know from that week, and be in the know.

Issue 1 now available!

Download the First issue now!

7 Pages of content, approx. 2.13MB and roughly five minutes of reading. Also completely free!

Issue 2 now available!

Download the Second issue now!

15 pages of content, approx. 2.91MB and roughly ten minutes of reading. And completely free again!

Issue 3 now available!

Download the Third issue now!

8 pages of content, approx. 1.77MB and roughly five minutes of reading. And completely free again!

Issue 4 now available!

Download the Fourth issue now!

8 pages of content, approx. 2.27MB and roughly five minutes of reading. And completely free again!

The Mini Weekly is Changing

To free up some time I have sunset the weekly format of the Mini Weekly and will continue to place this content into the Monthly for the time being.


That is a mouthful and I omitted the word Official, anyway, I — MrValentine 2023/09/11 17:46 had an idea while half awake last night to create a community magazine, which may or may not have a recurring publishing schedule.

This page is here to enable downloading of said magazines, and I should have the first one available by the 12th of September. Or maybe a few days to readjust the formatting and layout…

The first edition explains how to submit your content for consideration into future editions.

I am keeping it to a 32 Page limit, I may reduce or add to this but want to ensure there is always enough content for a commute to and from work for people to enjoy and learn from, kind of the original idea from a few years ago.

When the first is published, I hope you enjoy it and can find me to give feedback or suggest changes or submit content for future editions.


Update One

I had an idea to create a weekly in-between edition, so the idea is every 18th of each month [Japan Local Time, because I am funny like that] I will have the larger 32 Page issue, and each week have a flexible edition with highlights from the week, on each following Monday, it could be fine to have a double publication in a week if I keep the Mini Bite Edition weekly, so, 52 issues a year, could be fun, and I guess it would be 1-8 pages max, with a less standard layout, single pages instead of 2 page spreads, the 2 pages is for nostalgia and also because sometimes you just want those huge images on display.

Anyway, will be posting the first edition shortly.

MrValentine 2023/09/17 16:24

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