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A collection of items previously hosted on the MonoGame Forums.

I will do what I can to archive some content here where applicable.

Some posts were omitted and left to the abyss.

Missing XML IntelliSense Workaround


While this will be rectified in the next release of MonoGame, for the time being, you can find the solution here:

Support MonoGame


So, with the recent news of potential funding coming towards MonoGame [Not yet finalised] it might be the case that users are unaware of how they can help fund and support MonoGame.

You can use the main method at present:

Where you can see the monthly contribution is quite low, but covers upkeep at best.

One way to help would be to contribute to the Patreon account.

Another way is to raise awareness of MonoGame, but please be sensitive when doing so.

A good way to get the word out is to create up to date content, video tutorials, blog post guides. the more the merrier.

I hope we can move MonoGame into something more mainstream, and attract funding enough to the extent the team can set up an office or two, and attend more developer conferences.

Please spread awareness of the Patreon, and the official website [which does need a little clean up] and together we may craft something which benefits all going forward.

Thanks for reading and being a Community Member.

Happy Coding!

Big Smile


If you were looking for a rapid development schedule.

Be sure to play with the tags:

The MG Discord Community Game


I had an idea for a community game where we can all participate, the idea is like a Rat Race.

I think if we begin with a defined group of participants, say 3-7 players, and a post locks in those players.

A game master defined by the group participating, calculates the progression and registers the move and current stats between all players, there is no active time, but there must be a move by all participants. before they their next move.

The goal can be 1,000 to 10,000 units or more depending on the length of game.

Multiple groups may create a game but the game master must give each game a unique name, only that game master can announce progress reports.

Until the server has a random number generator added, we can utilise the randomcolour generator and utilise 1,2, or 3 digits from the start of the RGB values, depending on the chosen acceleration for the game. This method is interesting because the tool cannot be rethrown, as users are unable to delete the bots messages, meaning cheating is somewhat impossible.

- Players vote in - Game master begins game - The distance is defined - A player performs a roll of dice using the randomcolour generator “/randomcolour”

Each player must select a random vehicle either from an image the game master posts or their own vehicle, the type is irrelevant. When a player throws a roll, they then post their picture of their vehicle and specify the digits called from the dice roll.

Expansions can be detriments for other players, if they land on a double digit for example, it can move them back or forward in the race.

Pickups can be collected, these would need to be defined, and placed after the players position score as a list, a maximum pickup count should be defined.

A random roll would need to be thrown to define which pickup they receive when on a double digit number. say 2088, would be a double digit number or 2880.

Excess pickups can be swapped out, and discarded.

Why does this have a character Limit :/.

More at 11.

Hosts can post images like these and players can choose a vehicle and cut it out as their avatar during the games.

Progress reports can be shown like this:


This shows 50% progress

The MonoGame Community WIki Game Jam Manual


I am trying to make the names as long as possible, but here we are.

So, while finishing off the third magazine release, because the MonoGameJam5 was on my mind, I started thinking, hang on, I am making a book/magazine right now, how about something for people doing a Jam for the first time?

[Note: Magazine 4 will touch on this topic and then some]

So, the idea was a Manual to guide people through a Jam, I drafted – with a little help – a layout for both a Game Design Document, and a Technical Design Document, but it topped out at 38 pages or so, despite being spread thin in some parts, however, I would like to work with everyone to add more details which might help during a game jam, some ideas I have are time budget planning, sleep planning, team workload planning, and so on.

If you would like to contribute, please let me know below and we can find a process that works best.

For the time being I have published the manual in its current unfinished state for everyone to preview and provide feedback and contribute content within the limitations of the manual.

The aim is a single page for each element(s), and as clear as possible descriptions.

More information is available on the web site:

I hope we can all work together to make this something special.

I aim to add contributor names on the page above.

And yes, I know, I have yet to properly launch the Wiki…

Store Wishlist Requests


I have started this thread so that users can request others to add their game to their Wishlist to help raise the interaction for relevant store systems.

So, if you have a game on Steam, or any other store such as, feel free to post your game page below and users can drop by to give you an add.

Good Luck!

## NOTE this list is for games made in MonoGame/FNA/XNA ##

USER: Linx145

LINK: Harpy Raiders!

NOTES: Made using the Somnium engine, which I will be releasing very soon, which in turn is built on the monogame-derivative Somnium Framework

USER: OtterSpaceDev


NOTES: Uncounted Isles is my voxel style first-person fantasy roguelite RPG build using MonoGame. Release is planned for Windows (DirectX) and SteamDeck (OpenGL).

USER: Diego Cánepa


▪️ Steam:

▪️ Epic:

▪️ GOG:

NOTES: none

USER: Steph.


NOTES: none

USER: Wave


NOTES: Mushy Score, 2D platformer where you outmaneuver endless waves of enemies for high score:

USER: Talberon


NOTES: Steelbreakers, a 2D Zelda and Power Stone-inspired party fighter for 1-4 players

USER: Talberon


NOTES: Superstar Strategy, a turn-based tactics game inspired by Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics, with single player campaign and multiplayer (Co-op+Versus) modes

YouTube Videos for Beginners

I was trying to find a video to kick this idea off with, and well, found a really good one.

I will add more videos as I come across them, feel free to add videos but try to adhere to a certain quality standard.

The aim is user friendliness of tutorials, clear audio, clear readability, and full code examples.

## 1 ## A tutorial on animating an animation strip/sprite sheet.

## 2 ## A Playlist of 40 videos. ## Note, use this for the code, not the setup. ##

## 3 ## An intro to the history of MonoGame and six highlight games made with it.

Posted by user: BladDon

Posted by user: Wayne

This is the playlist I followed to get started on Monogame, just coded along with it till I was confident enough to work through stuff myself

Posted by user: Aristurtle

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